Bayview Blast 27-28 May 2017

Bayview Blast 27-28 May 2017

This is one event well recommended to professional/novice or beginners, in the mountain biking world, I tried the event circuit out myself about a month before the main weekend and found it challenging with a good work out, I did not ride this weekend but got a reasonable session of photography in which I hope you all enjoy. Photo’s/images will be in gallery under Sports.

One word I will say is yes I am going to set my goal to race this event next year, so maybe I might get myself in some images by other photographers on the day.

Just little note’s, and info that I know of that I will give all so if interested will go and have a go at this event next year, all links I will have a list so you can easy go to the proper sites.

If you can ride a Mountain Bike, then am sure Bayview Blast and Rats cycling club will find an event that suits you best.

This event is a great family weekend for fun and excitement.

Sunday is the Marathon and Half Marathon. where riders will either be keen “competitors” or out to challenge themselves or other to see if they can complete a distance or set a personal time. Team events will add to the intrigue with pairs able to join in a relay format to challenge themselves or race for a place.

Rats cycling Club has negotiated a deal with “Mountain Bike Australia” so that all insurance built into the entry fee, so need to worry about race license for Social riders, road club members, triathletes, Tough Mudder enthusiasts this event can offer anyone and everyone a place to test themselves.

If more information is needed don’t hesitate to contact any of the links listed below, “Happy Biking”

Bayview Blast Rider/Competitor

Bayview Blast Rider/Competitor

Bayview Blast Rider/Competitor

Bayview Blast Rider/Competitor

German Church Rd, Mt Cotton
4165 Redland Bay, Queensland, Australia


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