Fashion Evolution/Revolution Brisbane Australia 04/2016

Fashion/Clothing, where did I come from and who made me, is the question we should ask our self’s, of what we put on our body every day.

On 23 April, 2016 I attended The True Cost Film Screening for Fashion Revolution Week. I was approached a couple of weeks earlier by Mary Sed who is a co organizer/founder of this event, via email. Miss Sed asked if I would be interested in being the official Photographer of this special event, the event is being held at Food Connect Brisbane.  I would not be paid for my professional work. Sed reassured me that if I did the behind the scenes photography, there will be food and drinks available, with our compliments. I replied with a simple yes, it will be a pleasure as this sounds very interesting, and something I will gain a lot of knowledge from.


I arrived at Food Connect Homestead, 1/8 Textile Crescent, Salisbury Brisbane about 5pm, 1 hour before the real event started as I like to get to events earlier than normal so I can get the feel of the venue and to prepare what camera gear and settings I may need. The event was due to open its doors to the guest at 6 pm, Sed arrived roughly at that time and introduced herself and Linda Ryl the other co-founder member, we talked for a little while, they both explained what they expected of the nights events. The entire guest where starting to arrive, the first hour was more for everyone to mingle and get to know one another, with drinks and food being served.


Main event time, every one seated and ready for this mind-blowing, The True Cost, a documentary by Andrew Morgan that examines fast fashion’s unadvertised sins, from unregulated production that caused a factory collapse killing more than 1,000 people in Bangladesh in 2013, to the toxic waste flowing out by the factories producing disposable garments, to attempts at unionization that are checkmated with violence. This doco I strongly recommend if you get a chance watch it, I now understand a lot more about the clothing/fashion I wake up to every morning. If you want to watch this documentary, I believe Netflix is starting to screen it next week for a fee of 10 dollars.


At the end of The True Cost, a 5 person discussion panel was up the front, talking about their involvement with the community, and the clothing industry, from where most of it starts from the ground right up to where hopefully one day it can be sorted out, local MP, the documentary was talked about question ask and answers given, to the best that can be.

Guest Speakers,

Jane Milburn, designer    

Ferudun Avar, musician, manufacture tailoring company  

Fleur Anderson, Cotton farmer owner.

Robert Pekin, Food Connect Brisbane owner,

Kristen Lyons, MP The Greens Vote 1,

Event organizers,

Mary Sed and Linda Ryl    



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On a little note towards the above, this I found interesting, luckily, it’s a topic that’s getting more attention. In 2013, journalist Elizabeth Cline investigated the industry in her book Over-Dressed. And on a recent episode Last Week Tonight, John Oliver targeted the fast fashion industry, detailing its environmental impact and human rights violations in a sad-various commentary that Oliver has quickly become renowned for.

His most cutting critique, though, applies to all of us. In the era of fast fashion, we’ve developed a collective amnesia about the sweatshop labor practices we rallied against in the ’90s, or maybe misunderstandings that garment “factories” are really just people sewing the fabric, breathing the chemicals, and even dying when an infrastructure built on fast and cheap fails.


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