Modelling Portfolio Tammy O’Sullivan, Twin Falls Springbrook 07/02/2016

Model,Tammy O'Sullivan 07.02.2016 (12)

A challenge would be the right naming for this photo shoot, taken place at the beautiful location Twin Falls Springbrook, Gold Coast Queensland, it was a long and challenging day, which I think paid off with good photo’s, and lessons were learned that will be useful on the next water fall photo shoot I do.
The day started off at my place, with the lovely model Tammy O’Sullivan arriving at about 8.15am as we had MUAH make-up artist and hair stylist booked for Tammy at 8.30am. It all went to plan as I expected, Cassandra the MUA and Tarah the Hair stylist arrived at 8.30am as planned. It took about two hours, while they were doing their magic on Tammy; I double checked my camera gear. My equipment I planned to use that day was 2 full framed camera’s, 3 speed lights, 1 soft box, multi reflector kits, tripod, light stands, 200mm and 50mm lenses, which were all packed and ready for the days fun session ahead of us. The work that Cassandra and Tarah were doing on Tammy was looking awesome, so I took a couple of behind the scene photo, as you will see in the photo gallery. The MUAH work was completed at the estimated time and many thanks were given to them for their great work. I told them I should be able to forward the photo images on to them in about one week. The weather was good outside so I put all my gear into my car and Tammy followed behind as we made our way to Springbrook
Challenge here we come, we left home at 10.30am. The drive took about 45 minutes as we were heading up the mountain road towards Springbrook, at least ¾ of the way up it started raining, I told myself we didn’t need this as I was really looking forward to this type of photography theme and so was Tammy. I was hoping the rain had stopped but nope, a short and sweet nope. I walked over to Tammie’s car as she was arranging what clothing to bring along the trail towards Twin Falls and I asked her if she was okay with the weather conditions and her words were like a trooper as she replied with a yes, we just got to make the best of what we have, since we are already here. I knew that the work the MUAH had put in for Tammy might not last the time we needed, since it was going to take up to about 6 hours. What the heck, just go with it I thought. I went over to my car while Tammy was arranging clothes and sorted out what camera gear I was taking with, I decided it would be light and easy and try different types of shoots out, so I only took one camera with the 200mm lense, 3 speed lights and a couple of stands, I did not want to take all my equipment as it was too wet, so I had to make good with what we took down with us.
The Shoots
Tammy I must say is an awesome model to work with. She knows her moves and positions appropriate for the shot which makes my work a hell of a lot easier. You will see all of her photo/images in the gallery under people models. Tammy is one fit lady, so proud of her the way she carried her change of clothing along the trails, it looked like a heavy bag, but no complaints from her. She change about 4 times along the circuit to give us different style of looks at different locations, we got a couple of water fall shots but not as many as I was looking for due to the conditions, but Trooper Tammy just kept going and we got a couple under the smaller falls, she got so wet. I kept asking her if she was okay as I know the water up here is very cold. Her simple words were ‘It’s what we do as models to try to get that magic shot’. Oh yeah, I thought I would throw this in we both copped a leech each on our legs, I was a sook for a man. I freaked out a little some trackers put some salt on mine and it fell of I was concerned that it would hurt but it did not, all smiles. Must say I’m very happy with the photos we got out of this session.

Lessons learnt
This is shoot was more for me to learn different techniques and Tammy benefited in her own ways to build up her portfolio and did a great job. What I have taught myself about water fall photography is that equipment is a major part if you want more quality shots. Lense type for example, if I would want to capture my models in the water fall wash, I would need to stay a fair distance back since I discovered with my 200mm lense that the filter was copping heaps of water wash of spray. Next time I will try my 150/600mm lense which should give me enough distance away so the water won’t fog up my camera lense. As for my speed lights I used, I will need to bring large clear plastic lunch bags to protect them in the future. I have done water photography before but not waterfalls, I will definitely be using tripod next time as well. Any suggestions or criticism, good or bad is more than welcome as I have said in previous blogs, am always learning.
Stay tuned for my next photography expedition session, Heritage Park Pimpama Gold Coast QLD.

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