Modelling Portfolio Nikkita H, NightQuarter Helensvale 22/01/2016


Nikkita H 22.01.2016 (35)                                                                                                                                                                                                      On Friday the 22/01/2016, I had the pleasure to do a second modelling portfolio shoot with the lovely Nikkita H, like mentioned last time she is such a beauty and awesome model to work with, she would be every photographer dream type model to shoot. I will not need to say much about Nikkita but let her photo’s do the talking for her, which you will see in People gallery under models.
This particular model shoot would be a test to my professionalism, as the venue location was at NightQuarter Markets Helensvale, Gold Coast QLD, I have never done this type of flash photography before, equipment used three speedlights and one reasonable size soft box walking around with my daughter who was my assistant on the night, 35mm and 50mm 1.4 prime lenses where used with two full frame Nikon cameras, we used five different location in the venue area, including NightQuarter premises itself, with four stall owners premises which made good for different types of backdrops, will have the links to the stalls we used below, overall it was a very enjoyable session with thousands of people walking pass, watching what was happening, it was a different experience, and Nikkita blended in very well with so many people around, what a natural she is, next time I do this type of Model shoot I would like at least couple more hours than we had, just to put more colour to the portfolio, This was to be a short blog, so any comments good or bad would be much appreciated, as in life in general we are always learning, watch this blog within the next week, I should have another Model Katie R, with a Emo/Gothic theme, keep shooting and smiling.

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