Modelling Portfolio Kaitlyn Walsh

Kaitlyn Walsh

Kaitlyn Walsh

On Sunday, 20/12/2015 just past, I had the pleasure to do a early morning beach Modelling shoot with the lovely young Kaitlyn Walsh, for a 16-year-old model, Kaitlyn did an awesome 4 hour photo shoot session, My main action of attack was to get an awesome sun rise photo with the Model in the foreground, using flash photography and the young Kaitlyn, made my work a lot easier, the main photo I was aiming for paid of, which you can see with her other photo’s, in people’s photo gallery. The venue for the morning session was at the popular Currumbin Rock, beach front on the Gold Coast QLD, this place is very popular for photographer who love doing sunrise and long exposure photography, I did see about 5 others shooting their camera on this beautiful morning.

Now more about Kaitlyn, she was born on the 02/09/1999 in Western Australia, 176cm tall, well she is that tall now, not when she was born, I never asked her how tall she was when born, I guess we are very lucky Queenslander, roughly when Kaitlyn was 6 months old her family decided to start a new life on the Gold Coast, so for the last 15 and half-years, this has been her home, in conversation with her we talked about, her ambitions and where she is heading in life, most of her 15 years spent on the Coast was growing up doing surf life saving from nippers to current time’s, she said you could call the beach her second home, she told me she has been modelling for the last year and a half and loving every moment of it, she say she likes modelling because she gets to show the real her, and get to meet so many people and Photographers. She has the passion and work ethics to strive for the best. Kaitlyn completed year 10 at School this year and is planning to start a personal trainers course at Tafe in 2016 and at the same time pursue her modelling dream, what a great combination modelling/personal trainer, I wish her all the best, and if she ever need a photographer and I am not busy, that l would love to do another shoot with her. 

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