Modelling Portfolio Jordyn Lee Banks

JLH Ponte Photography

Jordyn Lee Banks Jordyn Lee Banks

Modelling Portfolio Shoot

Name: Jordyn Lee Banks
Age: 18
DOB: 23 May 1997
Height: 176cm
Hair Colour: Brown

Jordyn Lee Banks is a future model prospect who I did a model shoot for her portfolio this weekend just passed, Jordyn was born in the country and live there for her first couple of years. Later on Jordyn moved into the suburbs with her parents. She has travelled over seas a number of times and she’s hope to do a lot more in the somewhat near future. Jordyn has done modelling in the past but only briefly for a school project, nothing professional but it is something she would enjoy getting back into, hopefully this shoot is a start.

Jordy graduated from Helensvale State High School in 2014 with a certificate 3 in Children Services, Certificate 2 in Tourism and Certificate 2 in Business, as well as completing…

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