Iceland Bundall

Sophia, where's my hand

Sophia, where’s my hand

Saturday morning 10/10/2015 I spent a couple of hours at Iceland Bundall  with my 2 daughters, it’s a great ice skating rink, we have been there a numerous amount of times over the years, I thought with the different type of lighting this place has, it would be a great chance to test some of my flash photography out, so I bought along with us my Nikon D610 camera and SB910 speed-light flash, I am still trying to get the hang of this type of photography, the more I shoot the better I beleave I am getting, on this session I was using the setting TTL-BL The most advanced flash mode on the Nikon flash is TTL-BL. Originally, the BL meant Back-lit, but Nikon marketing gurus changed it to mean Balanced Fill. I don’t know why they just didn’t change the name to TTL-BF. One thing about this type of photography I trying to get my head around is that shutter speed in the camera does no adjustments to the flash, but when I do change these setting it changes the ambient in the back ground, aperture and ISO settings makes changes to the flash, which lights our images up, and shutter changes the ambient, I am getting there, the more I shoot of cause the better I am getting, feel free to check out other photo’s under People Iceland in my photo gallery, all comments good or bad more than welcome, I handle criticism well, it’s how we all learn, anyhow I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and keep shooting.

Lilly having a blast

Lilly having a blast

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