Glitter Festival Gold Coast


The Arts Centre has launched a new and inclusive Glitter Festival,  GLITTER is the Gold Coast City’s inaugural Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, A-sexual, Pan-sexual, festival being held at the beautiful Queensland city between 28 September and 5 October 2015.

Drag Queens posing

Drag Queens posing

This event is for all walks of life, I heard about this event from a friend Julie Mason, a couple of weeks earlier, to whom we are both members of the The Gold Coast SLR Digital Photography Meet-up Group   She thought this would be a great opportunity for some good photography, and she was not wrong I had an awesome time, great photo shoots, and met and chatted to heaps of great and wonderful people, the knowledge I took away from this Festival is much appreciated. 

Partners enjoying the Festivities

Partners enjoying the Festivities

The Mission of this type of Festival, is to bring together a diverse community in quality art and culture activities, Celebrating with equal quality genders with Lesbians, Bisexual, Gay, Queer, Intersex, A-sexual, Pan-sexual, plus everyone else, which to my opinion, has shown quality and social leaders in our society, presenting a mixed variety of artistic works in the area’s of cabaret, theatre, music, film and visual arts.

End HIV Ambassador for Glitter Festival

End HIV Ambassador for Glitter Festival

I attended this festival with a number of people from our meet-up group on Sunday 04/10/2015, we all moved our way around the event, which was well set up, chatting to and taking photo’s, the festival started of this day with a Pride Run in full swing around Evandale Parklands, and the markets and food stalls setting up while the Run was in full gear, This is when I had the chance to talk and take photo’s of market/stall owners, and take in a lot of important information, there was a number of info stalls, letting all people know about life in general, with a main concern about decease that can be contracted in all form’s and how to avoid these problems if possible, or how to treat, main subject to me out of these stalls was HIV, which I learnt a fair amount in discussion with organizers, I beleave there are a lot of people out there that don’t know much about this decease like my self.

I am hoping this festival becomes an annual event, if so next year I am going to take my time and spend about 3 days, checking out a lot of the organized events that took place that I missed out on, if you would like to see more and know more I beleave there Facebook page will help I have put a numerous amount of photo’s under people in my Gallery, all comments welcome good all bad, as I am always learning !!

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