Fathers Day

Catch me !!

Catch me !!


Fathers day 06/09/2015 was a great opportunity to spend with my youngest daughter, as it would have been both, but the eldest had to do a eight hour shift. The day and weather was looking good, as I had arranged the night before what we were doing, and yes it has to do with photography, it’s the type I am currently learning about and believe i am doing good with it at the same time, my daughter was to be my model for the day as my Fathers day gift, Flash photography in all groups. My set up starts of with my camera, Nikon full frame D610, 2 Nikon speed lights SB910 and SB700, 2 studio lights which run of 240 volts I don’t use them one’s out in the field, 4 light stands, 2 umbrellas one 3 combo style, the other plain white, one 4 combo large reflector, and little assortments of small bit and pieces, which keeps growing if I see something on special. The type of shooting I did for the day was commando controlling speed lights through the camera where no cables are need, aperture is adjusted in the lights, to go plus or minus in stops to give the lights stronger or lower power, which give the subject the correct exposure needed, as for the back ground exposure that can only be adjusted with the camera shutter setting, as for the aperture which if you adjust in the camera, must remember that the speed light setting will change, so I learnt  couple of times, the more I shoot the better I will get at this, I also did low sync, and high sync, high sync was the interesting one as I heard from other photographers that action photography was nearly impossible with flash, but that’s not the case, you can adjust high sync in the camera which then lets you shoot flash to the power of what ever the shutter speed in the camera is, so that helps on action as well as high lighting situation, to bright but need the flash for fill in lighting, so you up the shutter to get less light where’s you don’t need, and also to freeze the action in bad lighting times, like the photo above, where I could keep my ISO as low as I like at 100, f1.4 and shutter was 1/320s. Our photo sessions took place amongst the Bamboo plants at Benowa Botanical Gardens http://www.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/thegoldcoast/botanical-gardens-24658.html and the other place was Behind where I work, on a factory wall, it had graffiti all over it. The photography experience I lernt today was awesome, and my daughter and I had a awesome day, some photo’s can be seen in photo gallery under people fathers Day.

Lets roll

Lets roll


My Father day was the best, what topped it of was a Quotation put on facebook by my eldest daughter because she could not be with me, I loved it so much I want to share it with every so here is a copy of it.

Happy Fathers day to the most raddest father since 99′. You have taught Hope and I it doesn’t matter who knocks us back or the extra maths assignment or the scary roller coasters you will always be with us. You are the protector and guardian of our dreams, our future masion ambitions, Green-Apples & Collingwood. I’m thankful for the gene of stubbornness and determination you have so kindly passed to us because i think i would’ve become a couch potato without it.
I’m sorry that i have an 8hr shift today so i cannot spend it with you but at least you’ll be with your other daughter doing something you love.

Hope & I love you so much xxx

That was a awesome Quote !!


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