Paragliding/Hand Gliding up Mt Tambourine

What a View

What a View

Sunday 30/08/2015 early morning start with my 2 daughters, to try out some Paragliding/Hand Gliding Photography, it was an enjoyable event which took about 4 hours of photo shooting. The gliding event I heard takes part most weekends, if the wind is the right amount, when we had arrived there was one Hand Glider man setting up, I approached him and introduced my self & let him know what I was up-to, His name was Walt, he is apparently the main organizer of these events, this is the link if anyone is interested as I was, and learnt heaps  I let him know that I was in a Photography meet up club and that there would be about 10 of us up here later to try out some action shots. Walt told me how the Gliding sport happens, and that they  mainly rely on the wind to get lift of, particularly the paragliders, anywhere from 5 to 10 knots is all they need, and it is to come in little burst stints, as for the Hand glider they can just about take of with any breeze, on the Gold Coast  there are two launching mountain and depends on the wind, if it’s a westerly they will take off from here, if it’s an easterly they will go to Beachmont. The Morning was good, it was a very colorful event, as you can see if you check out some photo’s in my gallery. The other members in our meet club, told me it was a very enjoyable experience and the learnt a lot of new photography methods, as for my photography the main thing I learnt out of my shoots, is it would have been a lot easier if I had of shot in shutter priority, as the lighting was perfect that day and aperture would have sorted it self out, as I was shooting in full manual. I was making a lot of adjustment as I had my focus set on continuous focus for the gliders as we know are moving all the time, overall I was very happy with my images, as you will see for your self, please don’t hesitate to comment on any photo’s, good or bad as any comment my readers make I take in and learn.

As I always say, all us photographers are always learning, and always will, photography is a massive field of Knowledge, “Keep shooting” 🙂

Waiting for the right wind gust

Waiting for the right wind gust

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