Jazz festival Broadbeach

Jazz festival Broadbeach

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Thought I would have some quality time with my eldest daughter, Leeanne, on Sunday morning the 16/08/2015 which gave me a chance to pick one of my camera’s up, I do try not to miss a weekend without getting some sort of photo shoot in. I must admit this would have to be one of my smallest session at       http://www.broadbeachjazz.com/      this was another free Gold Coast music event over a couple of days, with a mixed combination of Jazz music from big bands to solo artist, with stalls and markets all over the place, this is another event I recommend to all people/families to get out and take part, very relaxing with smooth sounds to the soul and heart, I only stayed a couple of hours this session, as I had to get my daughter to work, but overall we both had a good time, next year I plan to make a day of it !!  

Is the rain coming

Is the rain coming

Key boarder at Jazz on Broadbeach

Key boarder at Jazz on Broadbeach


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