Extreme Karting Pimpama with Fire and Ice Magazine Promo Girls


Catch me if you can in front of pit lane

Catch me if you can in front of pit lane

Sunday 28/06/2015 was a good day for me, I was asked on the Friday before by a work collegue, Paul Cornes owner of Fire & Ice Magazine  www.facebook.com/fireandiceaustralia  which is a model Webb sight he is in the process of developing, but using his facebook page until development is complete, Paul told me in conversation, he was asked by The Extreme 540 “GREAT RACE” Karting organizer from Extreme Karting Pimpama  http://www.xtremekarting.com/  if he could arrange a couple of Fire & Ice Promo Girls for about an hour to hand out pamphlets to Karting race teams and if I like I should pop down there as it would be a good opportunity for my photography. I mentioned that it sounds good but would be a very busy day for me as I have a Meet-up later that day with about 30 other photographers to do a long exposure shooting session, I replied saying I will see you there if I can make it.

This driver is maxing his engine out

This driver is maxing his engine out

Sunday morning comes, I look out side sky all blue and said to my self what a great day for a mixed photo shoot, meaning some model shots as well as fast moving karting shots and later on in the day some night long exposure photography. I must admit I have never done moving vehicle type photography before, though I love shooting my camera so much I would give it ago, I get to the Pimpama circuit early and introduce my self to Jeff Smith organizer of Extremekarting, and mentioned to him I had spoken to Paul, and if it was OK to walk around and take shots of the promo girls as well as going out on the circuit to take live action moving shot of the race meeting taking place, Jeff said not a problem and go see the girls behind the counter and ask them for a safety vest as in working conditions like this safety is a must, and be very watchful when out on the circuit. There are 3 different styles of Karts that can be hired out at this venue, but on this day the slower Karts where used, which have a top speed of 80klm, that is still very fast when you are that low to the ground, the other karts that can be hired have top speeds up to 150klm now that is what you call Extreme, overall the the photography session I had today was awesome, The Fire & Ice Girls,  Diamond Blaise Cambridge  and Tricia Louisa looked Hot as, they where working the race teams well with a Pamphlet explaining the safety and rules of the meeting.

Fire & Ice Girl's at Extreme karting Pimpama with Karting racer keeping close eye over them.

Fire & Ice Girl’s at Extreme karting Pimpama with Karting racer keeping close eye over them.

As for what I seen of this venue and you have not tried Karting before, the way this place is organized with staff I would strongly recommend to give it a try.

Later that day I went and met up with 32 other Photographer, behind the Gold Coast art centre to do some Long exposure night photography, they where all a great bunch of mixed people, all with different knowledge and style of there type of photography, we all gathered heaps of useful tips from each other, I will be doing this meet up again in the future as there is always new stuff we can learn from. The picture below is my Daughter, which I was so proud of her to stay still for 20 seconds, she was a good model for this shoot, to enable me to take such a photo, I thought I would mention this as other photographers kept asking did I use a flash, there was “no flash used in this shot”.

Leeanne my eldest Daughter doing a good Job staying still for 20sec, Long exsposure

Leeanne my eldest Daughter doing a good Job staying still for 20sec, Long exposure

If you like these photo’s there are more in, People’s, Sporting Events, Landscape’s, enjoy and lets us know your opinion, Good or bad, either as we are all always learning !!





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