cooly ROCKS on Second weekend

Matching ford and caravan combination

cooly ROCKS on

Mum and Daughter in the the rocking mood.

cooly ROCKS on

This was my second weekend spent at cooly ROCKS on, well it was yesterday Saturday 06/06/2015 and to let you all know it was an awesome day, I would class the event the best out of the 5 years it has run under the new name cooly ROCKS on. I have never seen so many people in my 35 odd year of being a mechanic and 4 years being a freelance photographer, at a motor show event like this, the cars you can see for as far as your eyes could see, the quality and workmanship of these motor vehicles was unbelievable. The Music was great non stop all week, street music, street dancing, the people/crowd where just partying non-stop, the atmosphere was a must to see for all. There was always something to do and see, the markets were great, the food was good, the people were all friendly, it is an exceptional family event and it cost nothing, who ever is reading this little column, I strong recommend if you haven’t been to this event before then give it a go next year and spread it to your family & friends. As a side note I will say that the 10 hours spent walking was worth the amazing experience, but be ready for the pain the next day.

I have other Photo’s to this event under Abstract/People/Landscape and Food & Beverage.

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