What is Exposure ? and Understanding it !!

Taking great digital photos requires an understanding of how to use your digital camera’s exposure settings, whether you have an SLR camera or a point-and-shoot camera. The combination of shutter speed and aperture determines how much light hits the digital sensor in your camera, and the ISO setting determines how quickly the sensor responds to the light.

The sunny f/16 rule, or Basic Daylight Exposure , tells you that the proper exposure in digital photography for a front lit subject is f/16 with a shutter speed of 1/ISO (that’s 1 over the ISO in use). According to the sunny f/16 rule, at ISO 100, would be f/16 at 1/100 second, and at ISO 200,  would be f/16 at 1/200 second.
You can use equivalent exposures (different combinations of apertures, shutter speeds, and ISO settings that provide exactly the same exposure) for the sunny f/16 rule. The following table shows the equivalent exposures for the sunny f/16 rule at ISO 100.
Equivalent Exposures for the Sunny f/16 Rule at ISO 100
Aperture Shutter Speed
f/22 1/50 second
f/16 1/100 second
f/11 1/200 second
f/8 1/400 second
f/5.6 1/800 second
f/4 1/1600 second
f/2.8 1/3200 second
remember these setting give you the feel for some awesome photograph, the more you shoot the easier it become.

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